Best Delta-8 Brands Reviews: Top 5 Delta-8 Products To Buy In 2021

Certain state governments in the United States made history in 2018 by legalizing cannabis, including Delta-8 THC. Of course, there are still some limitations and rules in place. However, this legislation has resulted in a rapid increase in the number of Delta-8 goods and brands on the market.

So much so that cannabis consumers are left wondering which Delta-8 THC brands are the best and which ones they should avoid. We’ve spent long hours researching numerous cannabis brands and have come up with five that are genuinely exceptional.

Top 5 Delta-8 Brands Of 2021:

These five brands offer a lot more value than the hordes of others in the Delta-8 market.

  1. Exhale Wellness – Top-Rated, Best Overall & Editor’s Choice
  2. BudPop – Most Potent 
  3. Delta EFFEX – Best Customer Services
  4. Diamond CBD – Wide Variety 
  5. 3Chi – Most Popular

How Did We Choose The Best Delta-8 Brands?

As you might expect, the cannabis market is getting increasingly saturated. There are several Delta-8 brands that claim to be the best option for you. As a result, it can be quite challenging to figure out which brand is the safest to buy from.

To guarantee that we only chose the best of the best, we had to adopt specific selection criteria. Here’s how we chose the best brands for our list:

  • Brand Reputation

When selecting the best brands, we had to pay close attention to how their customers and target market perceived them. Some might argue that a brand’s reputation isn’t that important. They may even go so far as to say that you should be more concerned with the services rather than with the customers’ opinions.

However, we firmly believe that the customer’s view of the product is an accurate representation of the brand. If a large number of people think a brand is excellent, it’s probably doing something right.

If the reverse is the case, the brand is most likely not as good. There are hundreds of examples to prove this notion. Regardless, we wouldn’t recommend spending your hard-earned money on poorly reviewed brands just to see if they’re indeed that bad.

That said, we used surveys and polls of [potential] customers to choose the best Delta-8 brands for our list. We immediately discovered from our consumer study that many companies on the market had one issue or another. Customers are often put off by these problems, which translate into customer perception and brand reputation.

The usage of inorganic materials in the manufacturing process is one key concern that has tarnished companies’ images. As a result, buyers see these companies as risky and decide to avoid them. Other flaws include poor customer service, inaccurate lab test findings, and so on.

Despite this, our top five Delta-8 brands have received widespread praise from customers for providing high-quality goods.

  • Expert Research

If we chose solely based on our metrics and whims, we couldn’t truly call our list honest and reliable. So we took it a step further and investigated what experts had to say about each brand. On top of that, we evaluated expert perspectives on Delta-8 THC farming and extraction and the production of goods by various companies.

  • Information Library and Customer Support

Many companies that provide Delta-8 products sell their goods online. As a result, you may need to interact with a human in only a few cases before receiving your order. Otherwise, nearly everything is automated, and you have to act in accordance.

This is great, but there will likely be times when you have difficulties or want clarification. In those situations, you’ll need a brand with an extensive library of information to assist you in navigating whatever challenge you’re facing. Equally important is a stellar customer service team to help and serve you when necessary.

Each of our top five brands, needless to say, satisfies these two requirements.

  • Customer Experience

Where cannabis is concerned, the best way to gauge the quality of Delta-8 THC products and services is to look at the experiences of individuals who have used them previously. Therefore, we performed extensive research into the opinions of past buyers to identify and pick our top five brands.

In this case, we weren’t only interested in what they thought of the brand. We also wanted to know what people thought after using these Delta-8 THC products. We wanted to see if it delivered on its promises or if it was simply bland.

The feedback we received for our top five brands was largely positive. Many consumers believe that the products of these brands are effective for the purposes for which they are marketed.

Best Delta-8 THC Brands (Full Reviews)

#1. Exhale Wellness – Top-Rated, Best Overall & Editor’s Choice

Brand Overview 

It’s almost impossible to talk about Delta-8 THC products without bringing up Exhale Wellness. This brand comes at the top of our list because of its comfortably broad range of quality products.

Exhale Wellness prides itself on their excellence in manufacturing methods, and for good reasons too. Its plants are grown on the finest cannabis farms in Colorado. 

The brand uses no herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or anything of that sort in its manufacturing process. This makes its Delta-8 products safer for consumption in more ways than one.

Apart from keeping chemicals away from cannabis while planting, it also ensures that the production process is entirely vegan. This means there are no dairy, gluten, or GMOs in the Delta-8 products you’ll buy from Exhale Wellness. 

Considering all the attention Exhale Wellness pays to ensuring quality products, it’s not hard to see why the word “Wellness” is in their name.


  • Naturally grown and locally produced in the US
  • Active and responsive customer service team 
  • Great tasting products
  • Third-party testing
  • Multiple strains and sizes for variety and choice
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Does not have offline retail stores

Product Highlights

The minute you begin interacting with Exhale Wellness, you’ll notice that there is plenty of variety. Despite primarily manufacturing quality Delta-8 THC products, Exhale Wellness provides multiple options for you to choose from. This includes capsules, gummies, vape carts, flowers, and even oils. 

These all come in different sizes that you can pick depending on your cannabis usage levels. For example, Delta-8 flowers come in different pack sizes, ranging from 4 to 454g, making it perfect for experts and beginners alike.

Exhale Wellness’ products are also available in different strains. These include Zkittles, OG Kush, Glue, Hawaiian Haze, etc. So no matter what you want, you have a variety of options to choose from.

The best part is that each of those options is well tested and certified by third-party lab testers. We consider this relatively impressive since many cannabinoid brands don’t have third-party testing to show such credibility.

Customer Reviews

Most buyers who used Exhale Wellness’ products were appreciative of the quality. One user claimed that it helped them with anxiety induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Another enjoyed the gummies and emphasized the excellence of the customer care personnel. 

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness for the Best Deals

#2. BudPop – Most Potent

Brand Overview 

BudPop is a relatively new entrant into the cannabinoid industry compared to virtually every other brand on our list. Established only in 2021, the brand is less than a year old. This might make you wonder why it even made our list at all. 

There are two reasons for this: the first is that it met almost all of the requirements we mentioned earlier, and the second is simple – potential.

Despite being new, the company already follows the set standards for Delta-8 production and has massive potential for growth. In addition, it keeps its Delta-9 THC levels at or below 0.3% to adhere to the legal requirements for cannabis manufacturing companies in the United States. This legal compliance is admirable, considering that the brand is still relatively unknown.

Aside from being law-abiding, the brand also performs well in third-party testing. That alone lends credence to the excellence of its products. Given its young age in the industry, its website isn’t swarming with thousands of customer reviews. However, the reviews that do exist heavily endorse its products.


  • Products verified by third-party tests
  • GMO-free products
  • 100% vegan
  • Discreet and aesthetic pack
  • Group of young professionals with a combined experience of 30 years


  • Comparatively lower amount of variety in strains
  • 14-day return policy

Product Highlights

One of the most notable aspects of BudPop is that it comprises young cannabis-enthusiastic individuals. All of these experts have at least 30 years of experience in growing, cultivating, and manufacturing cannabis products. 

This experience translates into improved product quality for you, the buyer. Furthermore, as young professionals, they’re considerably more likely to understand what appeals to youthful Delta-8 users.

While all this may seem pretty good already, you should know that there’s more to the brand than its excellent workforce. BudPop also sports a wide range of products that cover almost everything you might crave. This includes gummies, vapes, and flowers.

The best part is that these are just their starting products. With the brand being new and in a constant state of growth, there’s much more to come.

Customer Reviews

Being a new brand, BudPop doesn’t have the hundreds of reviews that other brands do. However, those who have come into contact with the brand have only had good things to say about it. Although many individuals had reservations about the brand initially, those doubts soon dissipated following the first purchase.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of BudPop for the Best Deals

#3. Delta EFFEX – Best In Value & Customer Services

Brand Overview

While Delta EFFEX may not be the oldest Delta-8 manufacturing brand, it has undoubtedly set some solid standards for itself. For starters, its products never bypass the 0.3% Delta-9 THC law set by the government for cannabis manufacturing companies.

As such, whenever you use their products, you can rest assured that you’re on the right side of the law. Apart from this, the products are made from top-tier Delta-8 distillates. We find this particularly exciting since it means that the resulting consumables will be excellent for use in more than one way.

Finally, they take special care to ensure that your products are safe and secure for intake. They do so by passing everything they create and use through third-party testing.


  • Rich information library for product research
  • Certified by third-party labs
  • Excellent customer service personnel
  • Variety of products to choose from
  • High-quality cannabis strains


  • Online purchase only
  • Does not offer refunds or replacements

Product Highlights

One of Delta EFFEX’s prominent features is its wide range of products for you to choose from. There are tinctures, flowers, gummies, vape carts, and even disposables. 

All these products are made naturally with only plant-based ingredients. As such, you’d hardly have to worry about them being unhealthy for you.

Beyond that, one more fascinating thing about Delta EFFEX is its commitment to producing unique and excellent flavors for consumption. In addition, the company can mix a blend of ingredients to create particularly enticing flavors due to its history in the cannabis and hemp plant industry.

As a brand looking to serve customers effectively, Delta EFFEX focuses not only on its products but also on its service. To this end, the brand ensures that it has only the best personnel in its customer service team. This peculiar feature, combined with others, has earned it a spot in several high-profile publications in the hemp plant industry.

On top of that, Delta EFFEX offers quite a bit of information regarding their products for customers looking to learn a thing or two. You’ll notice a section teaching you about Delta-8 THC and what it is right from the homepage.

Moreover, there’s an entire blog dedicated to providing details on various topics in the industry. Last but not least, a section of the website conveniently gives required information about their third-party testing results.

Customer Reviews

As far as reviews are concerned, Delta EFFEX has a rich collection, with numbers going as high as 1647 and counting. In addition, many customers who purchased their Delta-8 products from Delta EFFEX considered the experience “amazing,” “great,” and “impressive.”

Those who had problems were ones who experienced a slight delay in shipping. However, the company makes up for this minor inconvenience with its stellar customer service personnel, who are always there to resolve any grievances.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Delta EFFEX for the Best Deals

#4. Diamond CBD – Wide Variety

Brand Overview 

Diamond CBD might be the penultimate brand on our list, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. The company consists of a team of highly qualified doctors and scientists. These individuals work together to create some of the best Delta-8 products in the cannabinoid industry.

Diamond CBD has dedicated several years and quite a bit of money to research the topic of hemp derivatives and hemp extracts in order to find new and effective ways to get different forms of THC from the hemp plant. Evidently, this research has paid off relatively well for Diamond CBD.

Today, Diamond CBD offers a vast range of affordable hemp products. However, the most notable of their feats is that despite their affordability, Diamond CBD does not compromise quality in its manufacturing process.


  • Broad range of hemp derivatives for selection
  • Rich supply of information for research
  • Locally-sourced materials for manufacturing
  • Dedicated team of scientists for researching new extraction methods
  • Sustainable extraction methods
  • Third-party lab tested
  • 30-day return policy


  • Difficulty completing international shipping 

Product Highlights

Diamond CBD isn’t exactly a new brand. However, Diamond CBD has only recently delved into Delta-8 production. Despite this, it has developed several products that are as affordable as they are excellent. 

Their Delta-8 range includes a rich mix of gummies, capsules, vape cartridges, oils, and practically everything else in between. Some of the products even come in pre-rolls. Now, if you’re already a cannabis enthusiast with plenty of experience, you might not understand its importance.

But, as a beginner who has not yet mastered the art of rolling a joint, you will truly appreciate a pre-roll. It’ll save you time and any embarrassment of publicly failed attempts. Instead, you can skip right to the end and simply enjoy your joint.

All these products come from the most effective and sustainable extraction methods. The ingredients for manufacturing are locally sourced as well. This guarantees a measure of safety and quality for consumption.

Finally, the company has a rich library of information for users to browse. Right on their product display pages, multiple FAQs will provide an insight into Delta-8 THC for customers.

Customer Reviews

Diamond CBD customer reviews show customers praising the brand for its excellent discounts. When you consider that some of the brand’s items are discounted by up to 70%, the reviews aren’t surprising. Customers are also pleased with Diamond CBD and its customer service, including everything from a chatbot to numerous contact channels.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD for the Best Deals

#5. 3Chi – Most Popular

Brand Overview 

3Chi is one of the oldest CBD brands in the United States. Just their experience in CBD alone makes them eligible for almost any top list.

3Chi has a pretty impressive combination of strength and relaxing effects. The brand has hundreds of positive customer reviews, which isn’t unexpected given the range of products it offers. 

To begin with, the brand ensures that all its products go through a third-party lab testing process. Beyond the lab testing, 3Chi also sources its manufacturing ingredients locally. The brand uses hemp grown in California, Colorado, and Oregon to make its hemp extracts.

This ensures a level of freshness because products sourced locally have a much lower risk of being lost due to lengthy shipping periods.


  • Up to 15 years of experience
  • Third-party testing and certification
  • Broad range of products for customers to choose from
  • Fast shipping once orders are placed
  • Excellent customer service team
  • All-natural products


  • Does not offer refunds or returns for used products

Product Highlights

Aside from being one of the oldest cannabis brands around with years of experience, 3Chi has a few other tricks up its sleeve. 

For starters, it goes through several rigorous processes to ensure that its products are top-tier. This means using only professional and scientific methods for Delta-8 THC manufacturing. Then, once the manufacturing stage is over, the products go off to third-party labs for adequate testing.

Beyond that, the brand carefully works to ensure that each Delta-8 product provides a measure of value by delivering specific effects. It achieves this by utilizing the unique qualities of each terpene and cannabinoid to give targeted relief to consumers.

3Chi also has an array of products with a little something for everyone. Its list of products includes brownies, cookies, vape cartridges, tinctures, oils, distillates, and others. 

Finally, unlike many other brands, 3Chi specializes in custom-made blends without sacrificing product quality. This peculiar feature puts you in a great position as a consumer since you’ll have a continuous supply of new and exciting products.

Customer Reviews

The company has reviews pouring in from all over the United States. Given the quality of service, it’s no surprise that the majority of these reviews are positive. Customers praised the company’s excellent customer service and quick shipping. One particularly impressed individual described 3Chi as a pioneer after explaining how easy it is to purchase from them and get value for your money.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of 3Chi for the Best Deals

Buying Guide: Things To Consider When Buying Delta-8 THC Products

The benefits of Delta-8 are numerous, which is clear from the reports of folks who have used it in the past. Since most brands are aware of the beneficial effects of Delta-8, they manufacture products to aid in achieving them.

However, some of these brands aren’t as concerned with the quality of their products. Their primary concern is monetary gain, which frequently results in defective Delta-8 goods. While some of these items have contaminants, others have higher THC levels, putting you at a greater risk of failing a drug test.

It is crucial to avoid these harmful brands and their products at all costs, or else you’ll have to deal with the unpleasant consequences. To make sure of this, you should keep these tips in mind in your search for Delta-8 products:

  • Product Convenience

This is especially crucial if you’re a novice or a first-time buyer of Delta-8 products. The reason for this is that Delta-8 goods are divided into various groups. Tinctures, gummies, and pre-rolls are a few examples.

To use a tincture, you have to place a drop or two beneath your tongue and hold it there for a few seconds before swallowing. This may require you to taste it, but it isn’t sitting directly on your tongue.

Gummies and edibles, in general, need active chewing and swallowing. As a result, they take a bit longer to kick in and occasionally have more potent effects. This implies that, especially if you’re a newbie, you should be cautious about the dosage and take only a small amount at a time.

Pre-rolls can be used in the same way as blunts. They go straight into your lungs when you smoke them. They work faster, but you may need to get used to smoking first.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll need to figure out which approach is ideal for you. If smoking is the way to go, you can purchase Delta-8 pre-rolls. On the other hand, if you prefer a sweet, tasty delight with your Delta-8, then you may want to treat yourself to a Delta-8-infused brownie or candy.

  • Hemp Source

It’s critical to know where your brand’s hemp comes from. Delta-8 goods made from locally grown hemp are the freshest and finest.

Why is that? Before they get to the extraction stage, local items don’t have to go through much transportation. This implies that there is a slim chance they’ll get spoiled before they arrive at their destination.

Aside from that, an excellent hemp supplier is a farm that produces Delta-8 goods without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. This step is essential since these hazardous compounds are known to negatively impact human health.

  • Third-Party Laboratory Tests

You can probably guess the significance of third-party testing by now. However, for the sake of clarity, we should state that these lab tests provide credibility for the quality of a product.

A brand with a history of failing lab tests, or none at all, is likely to create faulty goods that are harmful, inefficient at delivering desired results, or both.

So, when you buy something, be sure it comes with a test that verifies its quality. At the very least, the brand should have a rich history of test results for the majority of its goods.

  • Color

Delta-8 goods, particularly those that are liquid, should be clear and transparent. This ensures that they’re devoid of pollutants and pose the least amount of harm to your health. Sometimes, though, they may have a somewhat lighter hue than typical.

However, if they begin to take on dark brown or red tints, you might want to look for another product. Most of the time, darker hues indicate the presence of pollutants. And trust us when we say you don’t want any of the side effects of Delta-8 contaminants.

  • Legality

The 2018 Farm Bill effectively legalized cannabis under specific regulations. Regardless of the Farm Bill, however, states still have the option to decide whether or not to make it legal in their territory/jurisdiction. 

Many states across the US have made cannabis federally legal (the federal government permits it). Others, though, are not so inclined to take that approach.

Check to see whether Delta-8 goods are legal in your state before purchasing or carrying them. If it isn’t, you will most likely be unable to complete your order. Even if you are able to complete your transaction, you will almost certainly face legal repercussions that you could have prevented from the start.

FAQs About The Best Delta-8 THC Brands

  • When Do Delta-8 Products Kick In?

Various people react to Delta-8 in different ways. The speed with which it affects you is determined by elements like the amount you ingest, your metabolism, and your weight.

Another significant factor is the method of consumption. Smoking Delta-8, for example, has a considerably faster impact than ingesting it.

On a general note, you should start to feel the benefits of Delta-8 products after around thirty minutes after consumption. The effects should last for a few hours, typically. If you begin to feel uneasy, you should stop taking Delta-8 immediately and wait until the feeling passes. After that, you can start over with a smaller dose.

  • What Is The Legal Age For Purchasing Delta-8 Products?

The laws differ from one state to the next. In locations where CBD is allowed, you must be 18 or 21 years old to acquire the substance. As a result, it’s essential to double-check your state’s regulations before making a purchase.

  • Does Delta-8 Pose Any Safety Risks?

The possible dangers of Delta-8 are determined mainly by your usage patterns. If you smoke carelessly, for example, you can acquire cottonmouth, red eyes, and a few other minor annoyances. Therefore, before using the product, you should consult with your doctor.

In Conclusion: Which Delta 8 Brand Should You Choose?

Every day, a slew of brands produce Delta-8 items for sale in the cannabinoid industry. When it comes to product and service quality, some of these brands are definitely worth the investment. Others, unfortunately, have far too many chinks in their armor.

We’ve chosen and researched the top five brands you should be shopping from to assist you in selecting only the finest of the best. We recommend going for either Exhale Wellness or BudPop, as both of them have a wonderful flavor profile as well as strong quality products. When you decide to buy Delta-8 products, keep in mind the factors we went over, especially if it’s your first time.