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SabaiDee Brand Overview:

Based in Los Angeles, SabaiDee uses organic, high-grade hemp from Colorado Springs, CO that sports a CBD: THC ratio of 18% to .3%. The founder is a long-time believer of the benefits of CBD on people’s health and wellness. They grew tired of seeing the industry develop shady practices all just to sell more bottle of their CBD. They entered the industry passionate to make a difference in people’s lives and be transparent about their process.

SabaiDee’s mission is bold yet simple:

To Help One Million People Live A Healthier And Happier Life.” They want to do that by providing the world with the highest quality hemp extracts.

Oh, and they want to plant one million trees around the world in the process.

What Can I Buy from SabaiDee?

For the Occasional CBD User

Good Vibes – $48.95/bottle

Good Vibes is their lowest potency option coming in at 250mg+ per bottle. The tincture is flavored with Peppermint Oil and Coconut Oil extract, giving it a subtle but refreshing taste. This is a great option to start with if you are new to using CBD. Good Vibes users incorporate the tincture into their daily wellness routine to reduce stress and anxiety. You will get the best results when integrating it into your daily routine for at least a week.

For an extra kick

Super Good Vibes – $119.95/bottle

Super Good Vibes is their most popular tincture and falls in the middle of their product line when it comes to potency. One dropper full contains 33.5mg of CBD, which, at this potency, is enough to cause serious relief. We recommend Super Good Vibes for people who want to experience deeper and better sleep, have more chronic anxiety or depression, or want to relieve burdensome joint and muscle pain. Like the Good Vibes tincture, Super Good Vibes is flavored with Peppermint and Coconut Oil. You can also get an unflavored version called Pure Good Vibes, that contains no flavoring at all. Just pure CBD oil and MCT oil from coconuts for consistency.

For serious relief

Mega Good Vibes – $249.95/pack

This high-potency tincture packs a real punch at 2500mg+ per bottle. Each serving (one dropper full) contains over 88mg of pure CBD, and each bottle holds about 30 servings. The Mega Good Vibes tincture is for people who want a very high dose of CBD for serious relief of their symptoms. That means even more anxiety relief, lessened joint pain, and high levels of therapeutic comfort to put your mind and body at ease.

If you’re feeling thrifty

If you’re serious about incorporating CBD into your daily routine, the Great Vibes Bundle is a great starter kit. Each order comes with one bottle of Good Vibes, 250mg+ tincture and one bottle of more concentrated Super Good Vibes 1000mg+ tincture. So you can start with Good Vibes, see how it makes you feel, and work your way up to Super Good Vibes.

For your furry friends

Chill Chews – $49.95/1 pack

Chill chews are CBD for pets. Because they feel anxious too. Chill chews are pet-friendly CBD products. The Chill Chews bundle comes with one bag of their veterinarian formulated CBD soft treats and one bottle of full-spectrum CBD tincture for dogs. They work with a world-renowned vet to formulate the chews with just the right amount of CBD to help with anxiety and joint pain as well as other high-quality vitamins and minerals to promote overall wellness. The chews are bacon flavored, and the tincture is unflavored and can be added to food or given to your dog directly.

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What’s their process?

When they say that they want their brand to stand out as the best, they stick by their word. SabaiDee’s hemp is organically grown in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They guarantee quality by using seeds that are clones of the most superior hemp breeds available. Cloned seeds ensure consistent quality despite the harvest or season.

Their plants produce full-spectrum CBD that is high in CBD (18%) and contains less than 0.3% CBD.

The care that they take in maintaining the quality of the farm, and being particular about the seeds that they use makes them a standout in the quality of their CBD.

They understand the dangerous effects that can happen when CBD companies lie on their labels. When companies don’t disclose their processes and import their hemp, it creates distrust within the industry as whole, which is why they strive to be as transparent about their process as possible.

What about Transparency?

SabaiDee includes all of their latest lab reports and testing results on their website. In addition to the lab reports, they go above and beyond to explain to users what the reports mean, and how they can trace the tests directly to the individual bottles they purchase. In an industry that is growing at an exponential rate, it’s nice to see a company take pride itself in operating as ethically and transparently as possible.

There’s a Lot to Love about Sabaidee

Their customer experience

In case you haven’t the point yet, SabaiDee is exceptionally committed to providing an outstanding customer experience. They want their customers to trust them and go out of their way to make sure every customer is satisfied.

They offer free shipping to anywhere in the United States, as well as a 100% money back guarantee. Whereas most companies only let you refund unopened products, SabaiDee will let you try their oil first. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, they will refund your entire purchase, no questions asked.

They’re also in the business of creating informed shoppers. If you have a question about their products or CBD in general, give them a call or email. They will get back to you with a response that will put your mind at ease and leave you smiling.

Their unwavering quality

You can always count on high-quality CBD in every bottle that is grown and sourced in Colorado Springs. They also test all of their CBD in-house before sending to an independent third party for even more testing. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary chemicals or additives in their CBD.

Their dedication to the environment

Their business is rooted in social good. They want to use their success as a vessel to do good in the world. Part of that is by providing a high-quality product that enriches people’s lives. The other part goes beyond their product and helps the world on a global scale. For every order you make, SabaiDee donates to their deforestation partners to plant a tree in North America. So you know, when you buy from them, you’re helping make the world a little greener.

From the Founder of SabaiDee:

Hey, I’m Alon Shabo: published author and retired personal trainer. I’ve been in the wellness industry for most of my life — helping new health products to market, working as a personal trainer and fitness coach, and publishing information in the health, fitness, and personal development space.

What made you decide to start a CBD company? Where does your passion for selling this product come from?

I first learned about CBD and the healing properties in 2014 when my step-mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was recommended a CBD tincture to help with the pain and after-effects of chemotherapy. Coming from the wellness world, I was very intrigued by this product, and began experimenting, as well as looking into the market.

When I discovered the state of the market — poor quality products, poor information, and predatory pricing, oftentimes for product that didn’t work — I knew we could do it better by never compromising on our commitment to getting the highest quality and purity product to anyone in need.

That’s when SabaiDee was born

What stands out about your products?

Aside from the fact that all of our hemp is organically grown in Colorado, we utilize some of the most sophisticated extraction technology in the industry, which leads to the highest quality medicinal extracts.

We will never compromise on our commitment to delivering the highest quality and purity extracts to our customers — which is why our products are tested independently multiple times throughout the production process.

Oh, and I’m told we have some of the best tasting products on the market as well.

What’s the best part or what’s been most rewarding about selling CBD products?

Hearing about the incredible health transformations directly from our customers. It’s not uncommon to hear that our products helped someone get their life back. That is by far the most satisfying feeling in business — knowing that your product is actually contributing to helping people, and making the world a better place.

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