Spruce CBD Review: The Best High Potency Tincture?

Spruce is one of the newer CBD brands we’ve reviewed and joined the industry in 2018. They are a family-owned business based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, that holds the belief that holistic remedies can provide users with a safer alternative to dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

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Brand Overview

The core of their mission is to help people find relief in safe and natural ways. They want people in pain to have an option beyond the practices of modern medicine. That’s why they strive to provide a natural alternative to prescription medications and provide a more holistic healing method.

Before starting their company, they listened to the CBD community and learned that most users who use CBD for relief prefer higher potency oils that they can use less of, and still feel strong effects. They use this information to formulate every bottle and deliver an experience that provides users with a healthy dose of CBD in all of their products.

Their “lab grade” CBD oil is 100% natural and tested by a third-party lab in the United States. Their relationship with US farmers gives them access to the best quality hemp and hemp extracts to use in their products.

Source of Hemp

Spruce sources their hemp from family-owned and operated farms within the US. They mainly use two specific farms, one in Colorado and one in Kentucky, that are known for their safe and sustainable farming practices. These farms produce some of the highest quality and highest potency hemp strains available for use for CBD.

They use the moonshine extraction method to guarantee the best combination of low-level THC, high CBD products. Before the CBD is bottled, all of the moonshine is completely filtered out of their product. This ensures that it doesn’t leave behind any other taste or effects other than pure CBD.

All of their products use 100% all-natural ingredients and are sourced from locally grown hemp.

Since they are full-spectrum oils, Spruce products contain other cannabinoids in addition to the CBD, including CBN, CBC, and small amounts of THC. So if you are concerned about your CBD containing THC because of drug testing or living in a non-legalized state, Spruce might not be the brand for you. However, many CBD users prefer full-spectrum CBD, since the other cannabinoids prevent within help the CBD provide quicker and stronger relief.

But even if you are concerned about THC content, you can be assured that none of Spruce’s products contain more than 0.3% THC as mandated by the law. All of their products are 100% legal throughout the United States and will not get you high.


Spruce’s oils contain no artificial flavors or preservatives, so their taste is a bit more natural than other oils with sweeteners. While this taste may be a bit too strong for some, it’s nothing that can’t be masked by adding it to your favorite beverage. Their high potency 2400mg oil has a natural, earthy taste due to the purity of the product. The 750mg version has a soft and fresh peppermint taste made from natural peppermint oil. The CBD oil for dogs has no flavor so that it easily mixes in with pet food.

Shopping experience

They provide both free and standard shipping using USPS First Class Mail, depending on your location. They have an estimated delivery time of 2-4 days after purchase. Spruce offers a full refund if you are not fully satisfied with your product on your first purchase of CBD. However, to qualify for a refund on products after your first purchase, they have to be unopened. If it is your first purchase, you are unsatisfied you can send back the bottle for a refund.

Range of Products

Spruce keeps it simple by offering only four high-quality products. Their 2400mg Max Potency CBD tincture, a 750mg CBD tincture, a 300mg CBD topical cream, and a CBD oil blend for dogs.

2400mg Max Potency CBD Oil

Their 2,400mg Max Potency CBD Oil Tincture is a lab grade, full-spectrum oil. This formula is their most potent product and provides maximum relief for pain and anxiety. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and contains no artificial preservatives or sweeteners. When you purchase the oil, you can choose which carrier oil you want as well. Spruce sells its Max Potency CBD with either hemp seed oil or coconut MCT oil as the carrier. This tincture also does not come in any flavor options and retains the natural taste of the CBD oil. Spruce knows that their high potency oil is a bit bitter, but they stand behind the effectiveness of their product, claiming that “The bitter stuff is the effective stuff,” and personally, we couldn’t agree more.

750mg CBD Oil Tincture

For a slightly less potent product that still offers maximum relief, you might choose the 750mg CBD oil. This option is recommended for new CBD users or people who want to test out the effects before committing to a higher potency product. Even though this one is less potent, you can take more of the tincture to achieve higher amounts of relief. Unlike the Max Potency oil, this blend is formulated with natural peppermint oil, which adds a refreshing and minty flavor to the oil.

300mg Topical CBD Cream

Their last product is their 300mg Topical CBD Cream. This topical is made from lab-grade full spectrum CBD, that can be applied to specific areas for targeted relief. It provides intense moisture as well as a maximum strength CBD formula that is perfect for relieving pain or itching on particular parts of your body. CBD topicals won’t affect any other part of your body or your mind. They are not a substitute for the oil if you are dealing with chronic pain or want to reduce anxiety or insomnia.

750mg CBD Oil for Dogs

Spruce’s CBD oil for dogs is made from the same high quality, lab-grade CBD as the human blend, but packaged specifically for dogs. This specific blend unflavored is made with coconut MCT carrier oil as it’s easier on dogs digestive systems and masks some of the bitter taste of the natural CBD oil. Depending on your dog’s weight, mix 2-3 drops of oil for every 20lbs your dog weighs, into their food, and stir well.

Lab Testing and Transparency

An independent third-party lab tests all of Spruce’s CBD. Every batch of their products are guaranteed to match the potency claimed on the bottle. Their formulas are free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. You can view and their lab results on their website.


  • Quality – All of their products are all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free.
  • High potency – Spruce’s 2400mg Max Potency blend packs a healthy dose of CBD for users who want to maximize their dose with as little product as possible.
  • Transparency – We always applaud brands who go above and beyond to maintain full transparency of the source and lab test results of their products, and Spruce is one of those companies.


  • Limited flavors – If you don’t enjoy the natural taste of CBD, then you might not enjoy Spruce products as much as others. The 750mg blend is peppermint flavored. The high potency blend is unflavored.
  • Small range of products – We love that Spruce has decided to perfect their existing products before expanding to others, however, if you’re not a fan of CBD oil or CBD cream, then you may not find what you’re looking for with Spruce.

Final Thoughts

While Spruce is a newer brand, they are making it known that they will have a stable place in the CBD community. Their mission to use only high-quality ingredients is admirable. Their decision to focus on a few products and make them as high quality as possible tells us that they care very much about the quality of their products. Their priorities rely more on quality and less on competing with brands with large catalogs of products. They are a very transparent brand and want their users to know exactly what goes into their product. Spruce wants CBD users to make a safe and informed decision about their CBD purchase.